MOBTOWN, the graphic novel, appears in indie feature, A CLEAN EXIT

We created a MOBTOWN poster for the web series, SHOTGUN MYTHOS, which went on hiatus before filming their second season. To fill that void, Clint Gaige, writer and director of SHOTGUN started and wrapped principal photography on his movie, A CLEAN EXIT.

On August 20, 2016, A CLEAN EXIT appeared for a private screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, Virginia. While attending, I was delighted to see that MOBTOWN (in the form of the poster) had a cameo in the film.


Our poster, developed for Growth Media Services studio to use on set was courtesy of James Gossard and Gabe Fremuth, with photography by Amy Gossard and poster design by Taylor Birk, author of “That Place In-Between.”


More news on MOBTOWN:

We lost our graphic artist in the middle of Issue One, A BAD DAY. Since then, Gabe and I have written three more issues and will focus on our marketing package. While we hope to find a graphic artist for MOBTOWN, we continue to move forward to find a home for the graphic novel.

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