Current Projects



by James L. Gossard

Genre: Action Thriller

Logline: A grad student, charged with terrorism and being pursued by the FBI, the CIA and a paramilitary group, has one chance to survive — but only by starting a war.

Grady Bray wants to help the FBI solve a crime of terrorism – until they charge him with the act. After the launch of a biological anthrax attack, grad student Grady Bray becomes the object of FBI Agent Sara Lango’s investigation. He’s forced to run when he becomes her primary suspect. As Lango pursues, she finds herself confronting yet a different terrorist – the CIA. Just as she’s about to capture him, Bray is kidnapped. How can a grad student stand up to the CIA, the FBI and a paramilitary group — it’s easy — he starts a war.




IN MIND (2012)


by James L. Gossard and Gabriel M. Fremuth

Genre: Science Fiction

Logline: A gifted but neglected teen programs his perfect family into existence, but their purpose turns sinister when they hijack his mind.

Left to the care of his android nanny, Freddy wants a real family. His absent father Max, a powerful CEO, gave the world the “Gem,” a brain-implanted augmented-reality nanotechnology nearly ubiquitous in 2117. Freddy steals and implants this technology into his brain in spite of age restrictions. He programs his perfect family into existence. Fleeing through a desolate underworld, Freddy befriends a young drifter named Volt who exposes him to the horrifying side effect of the Gem.

2013 Semifinalist – Baltimore Screenwriters

Quarter Finalist – Pulsar & StoryPros 



MOBTOWN (2011)


by James L. Gossard and Gabriel M. Fremuth

Genre: Drama

Logline: A haunted detective connects the murder of his partner’s daughter to the governor’s office and organized crime.

Police detectives, Amos and Tom, shut down illicit businesses run by organized crime. On a call, Amos discovers Tom’s daughter, Emma, dead, her body brutalized. Amos pursues, uncovering and entering a world of sexual taboo. He obsesses over the growing web of conspiracy, betrayal and vice, distancing himself from his wife, Rebecca, who wants a family. It all leads through the governor’s office and the mob to Irene Salinger, a powerful political player with a twisted past and secrets that run as deep as Amos’.

2013 SEMIFINALIST – Final Draft

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